/Explore MACAU – Things to see and do in one day!

Explore MACAU – Things to see and do in one day!

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Aside from the different places to see and explore in Hong Kong, many tourists frequently visit another destination not far from Hong Kong, and that is Macau.
From Casinos to its history, Macau is always a destination for tourists who perhaps look forward to a different type of adventure.  During our 4 day visit to Hong Kong, we decided to spend one day in Macau. That meant leaving early from Hong Kong with TURBO JET. When we arrived at the center, it was busy, but TurboJet runs frequent trips to Macau and back to Hong Kong. So is it possible to do a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong? Of course!

Where to go: 3/F Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan

We went straight to the ticketing office, where we each paid 164 Hong Kong Dollars which is roughly Php 1000.00. Make sure to have your passport with you for authentication.
turbo jet ferry macau
The trip to Macau only took 2 hours. It was nice and smooth all along. The boat was quite fancy as well as fast.
The seats were pretty comfortable and it was a nice time to relax before venturing out for a much awaited adventure.
After a couple of hours, we finally got a glimpse of Macau. We couldn’t wait to get out of the boat and start exploring since we only hd a day.
Macau might be a small nation state within China, but it boasts with so much development and casinos that really makes this a favorite destination for Chinese and other tourists alike.  Apparently Macau is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and boasts one of the highest per capita income.
If there is one place in Macau that we wanted to see, that was the Ruins of St. Paul. But before we got there, we walked around some very interesting streets in Macau. I must admit, we got lost at first, using different buses and stations. But luckily, there were lots of Filipinos who helped us to get to our destinations. But, no regrets because we were able to see the other side of Macau.
In the 1500s, Macau used to be a colony of the Portuguese. And until now, that rich tradition still is evident when you walk around the streets of Macau. It is an interesting fusion of 16th century Europe, Asian culture and Las Vegas!
beautiful macau street
It was in a middle of the day and things were getting more hectic, but the adventure is just about to begin. With so many shops on both sides, it’s difficult not to look around.


When you are on the streets of Macau, do not forget to try out some local delicacies. At a very affordable price, you can enjoy a truly authentic Chinese food. You must also try the Portuguese Egg Tart, it was delicious!
street food macau


When in Macau, do not leave without visiting this place if you want to try good quality biscuits. People cram in to get a taste of their biscuits. The variety was enormous. In addition, there are so many free taste items that you can try.
koi kei macau


I guess one of the most iconic structures in Macau are the Ruins of St. Paul. Built in the 17th century, this ruin has been attracting thousands of tourist everyday. I am actually not surprised because the facade was so detailed and it was an amazing structure to see.
ruins st paul macau
macau tourist attraction


Next to the Ruins of St. Paul, you will find the Fortress Armorial Gate which used to be the military center of Macau before. This will also lead you towards the Macau Museum.


To get into the museum, an entrance fee is required. But for a day tour who wanted to witness a good view of the city, this is the place to go.  Tourist could have an option to go inside the museum of course at a certain fee, but if you go further up, you will reach the top level of the museum that offers a great view of over Macau.
Always have your tourist map handy because there are so many places to see and explore. But with limited time, we just checked the most visited places.


Coming down from the museum, we want back to the Ruins of St. Paul and if you go in, you will find another interesting museum that deepens the rich historical background of the place. The museum was free and everyone could just enter and check out what lies beneath the ruins.
It was time for us to head back to Hong Kong, though it was short, we really had a great time exploring the area.
Walking down to our next destination, we walked back to the busy street where we came from, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking photos of what was going on around the area just like this women praying in front of the church with her umbrella.
The street was busy and surrounded with boutique shops. Macau is a perfect place for shopping and I think it’s one place where you will find almost everything.
These Portuguese tiles were just so irresistible, I couldn’t leave without a photo taken with them as a background.


With so many hotels and casinos in Macau, one place you would want to visit is the Grand Lisboa. With it’s grandeur and unique structure that is so inviting from afar, it is definitely a must visit. Using Google walk, we just walked from the Ruins of St. Paul all the way to the hotel.
grand lisboa casino macau
We wandered around the hotel and checked out the casinos for a few minutes. We also found out that they have frequent trips to the ferry terminal for free which was a big plus. So, from the reception, we asked for a complimentary ride and off we went to the ferry terminal.
We should have thought of it beforehand that across from the ferry terminal, you can get a ride to the hotels for free and walk out to check other places. Oh well, next time!
Arrived safely at the Ferry Terminal from Grand Lisboa and what a great experience we had. You might say it was short but at least we were able to land safely in Macau and explore some of the great sights.
I would like to thank my fellow Filipinos who helped along the way, especially when we got lost finding our way to the Ruins of St. Paul.
We left Macau with a desire to go back which we will in the future.
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