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BRIGHTON & BEACHY HEAD | 10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions

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Only a few hours south of London lies Brighton, a historic coastal town that is considered a very famous tourist destination in England. Brighton is packed with so many activities and amusements that guarantee tourists a great time.

Brighton is also considered one of the top cities in the UK and is also known for its long stretches of pebble beach which attracts millions of local and international tourists all year round.  In July 2016 I was there to experience it myself.

So, after exploring the City of London, we drove down to Brighton in our little FIAT. Though it is possible to explore this place in one day, we decided to stay for 3 nights since we wanted to maximize our time in the Brighton area. We also visited during summer time, so we were very lucky with the weather and had a great experience exploring all that this part of the coast offers.

Where we stayed in BRIGHTON?

CHURCHILL BRIGHTON GUEST HOUSE – This guest house is situated right next to to Regency Square and other tourist destinations in the area making it an ideal place to stay.   There was a very convenient and secure underground parking in the square in close proximity to the hotel.  Everything else is within walking distance from the hotel.
old houses in brighton

So, if you are planning to visit the Brighton area, here are the list of places you must see:

1. Regency Square

This square is beautifully landscaped. You sometimes see people just relax and enjoy the feel and the scenery. The square is also surrounded with buildings that date back to the 1800’s and all preserved to its former glory.  Many of the buildings are now small hotels or business offices.
regency square brighton

2. Royal Pavilion

Found in the middle of town, this stunning palace was built by King George IV as a royal resort. The unique architecture of the palace was inspired by India. We didn’t go inside the palace because we didn’t have much time, so we only walked around the palace and enjoyed the gardens lush with beautiful flowers.
royal pavillion brighton
royal pavillion brighton

3. The Band Stand

Along the promenade, one unique structure stands out and is considered as one of the famous spot for ceremonies such weddings. When it is not being used, tourists can come to this place and be assured of a great photo of the bandstand overlooking the coast.
band stand in brighton

4. The LANES

The downtown streets of Brighton are a joy to walk around specially if you are in an area known as the Lanes. If you enjoy shopping, or just  walking around, the Lanes are not to be missed. See different boutique shops, from branded and local designers, different coffee shops and patisseries, crafts, antiques and so much more. This is a place where rushing is never an option.
brighton england lanes

5. Brighton Pier

Also known as the Brighton Palace Pier, this historical landmark has been giving joy to so many for years. You can try out their exciting rides and activities on the pier or just walk along and enjoy looking at the stunning coast of Brighton. Oh! do not forget to also try out their famous fish and chips.
brighton pier
brighton pier in england

6. William The Fourth Pub

After a day of walking around the busy streets of Brighton, we decided that we wanted to have a nice cold beer. Then we found this pub on the corner of Bond and Church streets. As you enter this pub, it felt like you are going back in time in the rich history of the city. The vintage interior, cozy atmosphere, and good beer really made the whole pub experience worth the visit.
william the fourth pub brighton
old pub in brighton

7. Brighton Beach Front

It is no doubt that Brighton is one of the most famous seaside destinations in United Kingdom. Here you will find different restaurants, clubs, hotels, and much more along this long pebble coast of Brighton. We really enjoyed our walk along this coast and the cool breeze from the ocean.  If the weather is good, this is a perfect place for swimming. I wish I could, but it’s just too cold for me.
brighton beach front

8. Naturist Beach

Brighton beach has a long coast that goes on for miles. And, not far from the Brighton Pier is their Naturist Beach or their Nudist/ Naked Beach. I’ve never been to one ever in my lifetime so I was very excited to see it for myself. The weather was quite chilly but it didn’t stop me and some of the tourists and locals enjoying the bright sun and a full body tan!
brighton naturist beach

9. Foodilic by Peter Ilic

We had been on a diet of sandwiches while touring the UK and wanted to have something different for a meal. As we were walking in downtown Brighton, we spotted this very eye catching restaurant that serves different types of salads and greens. It also looked so inviting when you look at it from the outside.  Offering great value for money, we tried Foodilic and it was delicious and a great experience! There are so many buffets around the area but if you enjoy the greens and a cozy atmosphere, this is the place to be!
foodilic brighton
healthy buffet brighton

10. Beachy Head

Only 30 minutes drive from Brighton, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit one of the Earth’s wonders, Beach Head. This chalk headland has also been attracting so many tourists each year because of it’s stunning landscape. While we were walking along the cliff path, I was really amazed at the scenery.  Just a piece of advice, do not get to close to the cliff edge as this chalk headland can sometimes be fragile and and you do not want accidents to happen.
cliffs of beachy head
light house in beach head

If you’re looking for  break from the big city streets and usual tourist destinations of London, take a train, bus or rental and head south to enjoy a traditional British seaside break.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring the streets and coastline of this charming and historic destination.


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