/Angelo The Explorer: Travelling is more than a hobby [Reflection]

Angelo The Explorer: Travelling is more than a hobby [Reflection]

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Travelling is one activity I can’t live without. Since I was a kid, travelling has been part of my life. My mom is from Antique and my Father is from Bukidnon. I remember when I was still in elementary school, every vacation my brother and I would take the Super Ferry to Ilo-Ilo and ride a bus to San Jose and Sibalom with our cousins in Antique. Two weeks after, we would take a ship straight to Cagayan De Oro where our Aunts and Uncles are already waiting at the port station.

I remember the time when we even visited the Province of Camiguin and explored Mantigue Island when it was still very raw and pristine. There was even an elementary school on that island.
This fascination with travel continued after college and I started earning my own money. I am a person who dreams big. I don’t know how I am going to do it, but I believe in dreaming big.
From travelling around the Philippines, I was given a chance to explore different countries such as Botswana, South Africa and other countries in Europe.
Originally I just want to share photos on social media, but I felt I needed to do more and share my experiences with a lot of people.
This was the start of Angelo The Explorer.
Basically, this blog is just a documentation or a diary of my travel experiences. But as I add more articles, more and more people are trying to respond. Some responded positively and others responded the other way around which I took as a challenge and as a learning experience.
Every break that I have, I try to explore different places that attract my attention. There are 81 provinces in the Philippines. I may not be able to explore all, but I always make sure that I make every experience worthwhile.
As travel bloggers, you do get sponsorships and give aways but it’s not an every day thing. People sometimes ask me if I get money for doing this. Well to be honest, I do but it’s not a stable income. I actually spend more in writing my blog than getting paid for it. Thank goodness my work as a Public School teacher somehow funded my domestic trips and other activities in the metro.
But what really makes me love travel blogging is more of the experience and satisfaction I get from it. In one of my solo travels in Mindanao, I got to meet local people and learned so much from them. I got to try different modes of transportation in some provinces and even got lost in the city of Butuan just to find a place to eat. I even left my belt bag in TOPS in Cebu with all my money and cards in it and remembered it an hour after.
 I thank God it was still there and found out my money was still where I left it. I couldn’t imagined myself not having money at the start of my holiday. That was kind of frightening!
To sum it all up, travelling for me is no longer a hobby, travelling is my life!

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