/Oyster and London Pass: 2 Must-Have Cards when Exploring London

Oyster and London Pass: 2 Must-Have Cards when Exploring London

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London is a very beautiful city with much to see and when you are touring this place, careful planning is required to save time and get to visit as many sites as possible in a short amount of time. Aside from having a pocket money and accommodation, there are two things that you must have to ease your travel plans in this beautiful city of LONDON.




If you are travelling around the city, the best way to go around is by using their Underground Train System called the Tube. It is one of the easiest way to get to different destinations around the city. But you have to study the route carefully. Anyhow, buying a ticket can sometimes be confusing. But, if you have the OYSTER CARD, you can just reload and tap it at almost any Underground stations as well as some of the city rail services. That saved so much of our time when transferring from one place to another. It really is a must have!




In most tourist spots, buying a ticket can sometimes be a problem. With London Pass, you don’t need to worry as the card serves as your ticket to over 60 major tourist attractions in London. This is actually one of the best travel partners you could have in London. It also has the added benefit of missing some of the queues as some sites prioritize tourists holding the London Pass. To check whether the place accepts London Pass or not, you normally find a sticker at the entrance of London Pass. Or, you could bring your booklet with the list of all the places you can explore.So in your future travel to London, make sure you have these cards with you!


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