/Exploring CLOVELLY in Devon, England

Exploring CLOVELLY in Devon, England

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Exploring Clovelly will definitely be your most pleasurable vacation ever! Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience of a bygone age where people lived a tranquil life away from the city. See what Clovelly has to offer for your perfect vacation!
1. Clovelly Court Gardens
When exploring the beautiful Clovelly, never miss the chance to visit Clovelly Court Gardens. Plants thrive and added warmth to the sunny village of North Devon. Enjoy the entire beauty of the garden because it offers a contrast to the village. 
2. Visitors’ Centre
A tranquil way of living, away from cars and the hectic city life, Clovelly is such a picturesque village. You will be advised to leave your cars before entering Clovelly Visitors’ Centre. Traditional long barn, café restaurant and a fresh air will welcome you here. Souvenir shops, where you can buy something for your family and friends, can be found here. 
3. Donkey Stables
Clovelly is tagged as a successful fishing port and donkeys are just a part of it. Donkeys give rides to children in summer months and will also carry some of your luggage. The wooden sleds pictured above are used to transport goods as the central street is too steep fro wheeled transport.
4. Craft Workshops
There are two exceptional craft workshops in Clovelly; Clovelly Silk and Clovelly Pottery. Clovelly Silk offers a huge variety of colorful scarfs and even hand-printed fabrics. The highlights of Clovelly Silk is toile de Jouy-style fabric. Clovelly Pottery offers the best quality of decorative ceramics. It was established by Clive Pearson who also offers trips to Lundy Island. 

5. Places of Worship
Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b2/Clovelly_church_-_geograph.org.uk_-_407424.jpg

All Saints Church dates back to 12th century. An eye-catching feature of this church is its tower that stands alone. Peaceful and a bit of mystery surrounds the church. Many are fairly curious as to how granite pillars were brought by rough seas 600 years ago? 
John Wesley’s Fishermen’s Church is just a few steps away from All Saint’s Church. It is a Methodist Church that dates back to 1820. 
St. Peter’s Chapel is located in a peaceful path beside Kingsley Museum. The small but intimate church dates back to 1846. 

6. Fisherman’s Cottage
Just a few steps down the New Inn, you’ll arrive at the Fisherman’s Cottage. A visit to this small yet amazing cottage will give you valuable thoughts about the rich fishing history of Clovelly. 

7. Kingsley Museum
Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/56/Kingsley_Museum%2C_Clovelly_%280952%29.jpg
A short distance beyond New Inn is the Kingsley Museum. The museum was named after Charles Kingsley, writer and social reformer, went to the village for literary inspiration. 
8. Shopping
There are numerous shops in Clovelly that offer the opportunity for intriguing purchases for visitors. 
Visitor Center Shops has a cafeteria that serves Clovelly fudge and several shops that sell souvenirs and lovely books.Clovelly Silversmiths offers a wide selection of jewellery. Hall of Names is sells historic gifts and personalized products.Clovelly Home and Holiday is fully-packed with holiday gifts items perfect for the whole family.

9. Lifeboat Station

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Clovelly_Lifeboat_Station.jpg 
After a tragic storm, the first lifeboat station in Clovelly was built. There are now two lifeboats with permanent crews in the area. 
10. Harbour Activities
Fishing – you are allowed to fish along the harbor wall. Fishing time from May-October is from 7pm to 9am while in November-April, fishing is allowed anytime.
Boat trips and diving – you will need to arrange these types of activities ahead of time.
Lundy Island trips – You need to contact Clive Pearson for these activities. 
Tel: 01237 431042 and Mobile: 07774 190359

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