/10 Places in the Philippines I want to Explore in the 2016!

10 Places in the Philippines I want to Explore in the 2016!

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There are a bundle of reasons why you should definitely visit the Philippines. Other than the hospitality of the people, the Philippines is also famous for its magnificent scenery. We have some of the best beaches in the world, we have one of the most diverse eco systems in the world, and we have the most tasty and delicious Filipino foods and delicacies one country could offer to tourist. 

As I move on to another year, I have no plans of stopping, my feet are too itchy to explore different places around the Philippines and I believe it is possible. And of course, I am going to share my experience with all of you!
I believe that I will be going to many beautiful tourist spots and exploring more places in the Philippines in the future. But with all that, my dream is to visit these 10 places in 2016. I may not be able to do all, but who knows,
Always expect the unexpected! 
In this article, I came up with 10 places I want to visit in the near future or should I simply say 10 places on my bucket list to visit around the Philippines. Each places I believe has their own characteristics that defines the Philippines and that I cannot wait to explore! 
Photo Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:San_Juanico_Bridge_2.JPG
Though this city suffered so much during the Typhoon Haiyan, the people here are still very accommodating and the ourist spots are fortunately back to normal. One of the most famous tourist spots in Tacloban is a visit to the San Juanico Bridge. This is apparently the longest bridge in the Philippines extending up to over 2 kilometers longs. Aside from that, I want to explore Tacloban in terms of food, landscape and culture. 
Photo Source: http://mynegrosislandguide.com/promos/masskara-festival-package-deals/ 
Situated in the beautiful province of Negros Occidental, and one of the famous attractions in Bacolod is their Maskara Festival every October – that, I really want to experience! Aside from that, they are also known to have a rich history and natural wonders that you definitely should see. Food and other delicacies here are some of the things I want to try as well! 
Photo Source: http://weheartit.com/entry/group/14737239 
I want to explore the variety of sea foods here in Capiz since it known to be the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. I also wanted to see the largest bell in South East Asia which is found at the Pan-Ay Church. This is also the birthplace of the late President Manuel A. Roxas. 
Photo Source: http://vigattintourism.com/tourism/destinations/80 
A heart shaped island surrounded by clear waters and a beautiful coastline, Marinduque has a lot of beautiful beaches to choose from. Aside from the hospitality of the people here, I want to visit the Bathala Cave in Sta Cruz, Marinduque. If you are person who loves mountain climbing or simply hiking, this place is definitely for you. 
Photo Source: http://www.caramoanislands.com/ 
Caramoan became famous because the hit reality show, Survivor, was filmed here. After that, locals started coming to this place and checked out the different places to see in Caramoan. From the pictures I’ve seen, it look gorgeous! I would like to do some island hopping around the beautiful beaches in Caramoan and I am sure they have amazing coral reefs around there. Definitely worth exploring in 2016!
Photo Source: http://www.banaue-tours.com/portfolio-view/batad-village/ 
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Batad in Banaue will make sure that every tourists who visits Batad will definitely fall in love with it easily. These terraces were created thousand of years ago by our ancestors and now it is the most visited tourist spot in Banaue. Make the opportunity to walk down the famous rice terraces, but take note that you need to roam around by foot. You can also stay in the Ifugao huts and have a taste of their rice wine. 

Photo Source: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1588746 
Situated in the Southernmost part of the Philippines, Tawi-Tawi is packed with unspoiled scenery and wonderful heritage sites. This province is teeming with surprises starting with unspoiled diving sites to several mountains and that is why, after seeing some photos of some travel bloggers of their trip to Tawi-Tawi, I suddenly realised that I want to also tour Tawi-Tawi! 

If you want some fun under the sun, Davao is the place to be. You take a view of the famous Mt. Apo, renowned Samal Island, Eden Nature Park, Crocodile Park, and the People’s Park. After visiting those places, experience extreme adventure with their white water rafting, zipline, wakeboarding and diving. I believe that the bustling city of Davao is also very lively and I can’t wait to try that out! 
Photo Source: http://the-three-p.com/en/gallery/romblon/ 
Romblon is also packed with unspoiled sites worthy of your time and effort. Romblon is situated in between two bigger islands, Sibuyan and Tablas. Its rich historical heritage is a plus point. When I went to Boracay via 2Go Ferry, we stopped at Romblom and found out that it could be the next Boracay in the future, the Carabao Beach! 

Tagged as the smallest province of the Philippines, Suquijor is slowly gaining more tourists every year. They are captivated by its mystical charm and its attractive natural wonders: white beaches, waterfalls and diving sites are just few destinations you’ll have to check out on the beautiful island of Siquijor. Can’t wait!
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