/Rizal Re-Creation Center – A Great Place For Team Building Activities! (REVIEW)

Rizal Re-Creation Center – A Great Place For Team Building Activities! (REVIEW)

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Another year has arrived and my co-teachers and I had to plan to as to where we were going to hold our high school camp retreat. With so many factors to consider, one important factor is the location of our retreat. We wanted a place that was safe, serves good food,  beautiful, close to nature, and most of all in a Christian environment. 
After some thorough research, we found RIZAL RE-CREATION CENTER in Rizal Laguna. Was it going to live up to our expectations ? Let’s find out! 
From Imus, Cavite, it basically took us around 3 hours to travel to Rizal Re-Creation Center. I checked more pictures on the internet several times before coming here and so far it looked very promising.  When we arrived at the place, we couldn’t get over how beautiful and well kept the place was. The center was surrounded with tall palm trees creating a very scenic and relaxing landscape. 
Since we arrived just before lunch time, the bell suddenly rang signaling the time for our first meal at the center. Let me remind you that, it is a buffet meal and food will be available only for 30 minutes but the guests can still enjoy eating after that.
I enjoyed the fact that the menu was displayed outside the restaurant. Here is the menu that was served during our lunch. You probably saying that the menu looks delicious, let me tell you that tthe food also tasted delicious!
Compliments to the chef!
After that sumptuous meal, we gave students some time to wander around the area and that also provided me with some time to further explore this 7 hectare property. 
Right after lunch we were directed to our cabins to settle in with our luggage. Rizal Re-Creation Center has a variety of rooms that caters to all, whether it is a group, families, or even a couple who are wanting to go on a nice retreat. 
Our very spacious cabin had over 14 beds, two toilets and baths, a fan, and a very nice air-conditioner. 
In addition to our 3 days 2 nights program at Rizal Re-Creational Center, they also offered their team building activities. Their team building is focused on building communication, encouragement, and team work through a variety of fun and competitive games.

Rizal Re-Creation Team Building Activities

I must admit that our students really had fun with all the activities and the staff were very helpful and supportive throughout the program. 
The best thing to do after all that fun activities was to relax at their snack bar. Quench your thirst and cravings with the variety of items for sale at their snack bar. It closes at 10:00 pm at night which is great!  
Another thing that makes Rizal Re-Creation unique is because the biggest TOP you will ever find in this world can be found here. Joe Mauk and his wife, Ruth, are the managers of Rizal Re-Creation Center. Joe Mauk is known not just because of his humorous personality but also his expertise in TOPS spinning. He is also a collector of Tops from all over the world and he will show you all those as he performs in every camp there is at the center. 
The Top show lasts for an hour and I like how a Christian perspective is integrated into his shows and he let the spectators try it for themselves too. That is definitely a must watch! 
On our second day, we were blessed with a very good weather and this also had given me more time to walk around this relaxing place. Rizal Re-Creation center has all the facilities you need for any team building activities you want to have. 
Their amenities like basket ball court, beach volleyball court, soccer field, and many more are well kept and can be used free of charge. 
Right behind their gymnasium, challenge yourself to some bouldering session with your friends. It may look easy, but I am telling you, it was difficult to make it to the end! 
Though most of the amenities are free, there are also other activities that are for rent at a very affordable price. Who would have thought that to have a bowling lane and pool tables inside the center? Paint ball is also available and that was fun! I remember we had a game with my co teachers against the students which was a great experience!  
Rizal Re-Creation Center also has a lot pavilions and huts that can be used for different gatherings, and also a perfect place to unwind and reflect. My favorite place is the tree house right next to the soccer field. 
Right at the end of the center is their swimming pool. Where different water activities are being done. If you are a little adventurous,cross this hanging bridge going towards the bonfire area and into the swimming pool. 
They also have a nice pond where koi fish are waiting to be fed. Fish feeding is allowed and you can buy the fish food at the snack bar. 
Depending on your options, you may want to choose to try their Challenge Course in your team building activities. But in our case, we decided to go on a less challenging course but yet full of fun. 
Students were divided into smaller groups where each was given different obstacles that requires a lot of coordination, unity, cooperation, skills, and many more. 
At first, I thought it was going to be chaos, but I was really impressed on how the staff of Rizal Re-Creation handled the whole activity with professionalism. 
So if you are going to ask me if Rizal Re-Creation is worth considering as a location for your team building activities? DEFINITELY, YES! 
Rizal Re-Creation really went beyond our expectations. The staff were very friendly, kind, and approachable. The food was excellent and until now I am craving for it! Their team building activities was one of the most organized activities I experienced so far. Their rates are pretty affordable. The rooms and the entire center is very clean and well kept. The palm trees are an amazing back drop! And most of all, it is a Christian environment! 
For next year, I don’t mind doing our camp again here at Rizal Re-Creation Center! 



1. From Manila, take the South Luzon Express Way


2. Take the Batangas Exit, this takes you to Sto. Tomas, Batangas.
3. At Sto Tomas Junction, take left to Alaminos. (Landmark: Junction Inn Mansion)
4. At San Pablo welcome sign, take left on Y road to San Pablo City.
5. Turn left in front of the San Pablo Cathedral, then right at the side of it.
6. Continue to Rizal, following the way to Nagcarlan.
7. ON the right will be Rizal Municipal Hall. Immediately after will be the sign for Rizal Re-Creation Center. 


Rizal Re-Creation Rates and Packages : Click Here

Reservation Office: (02) 638-7248
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                                          [email protected]
Office Hour: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Address: Unit 1408, Robinsons Tower, ADB Avenue, Oritgas Center, Pasig City 1605


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