/PAEZ SHOES : Jumping from Argentina to the Philippines!

PAEZ SHOES : Jumping from Argentina to the Philippines!

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While I was walking around Alabang Town Center, I suddenly came across PAEZ shoes. I was really attracted by the designs and colors of their footwear. They looked comfortable too!
I love shoes with great styles and that are comfortable enough for every day wear.  When I saw PAEZ at ATC, I decided to try on a pair. 

From their displays, customers will have a lot of cool shoe selections to choose from. There are selections of styles for men, women, and even for kids. I was really drawn by the pastel colors used in the men’s shoes.

PAEZ started back in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by these innovative entrepreneurs Tomas Pando, Francisco Murray and Francisco Piasentini. The name Paez didn’t come from a person, instead, this is a community of Dream Jumpers. An inspiration for us Filipinos to dream big and believe that we can do it too.
Their unique and trendy designs caught the attention of many people walking through the mall. 
I love the kids’ shoes, they are so cute and the style fits so perfectly with them too!
Aside from their unisex shoes, these women’s shoes are also an eye catcher! All the patterns and colors are originally designed in Argentina but inspired by global trends.
Here are some of their unisex shoes. What I also liked about Paez was they used 100% cotton fabric which is ideally suited to our climate and meant that the shoes can be worn with or without socks.
Now it’s time to me to find my own pair. I wanted a pair that I could wear while driving, wearing shorts, and something I can just put on anytime. I like the one with shoe laces too, so I contemplated my choice and narrowed it down to the three pairs below. 
Trying them on, I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable these shoes are. They are so light and the sole was so soft.
And in the end, I came away with this pair! Aren’t they gorgeous!? This is my first pair and I am already thinking of getting a new one or maybe even as a gift since PAEZ shoes are reasonably priced ranging from  Php 1900.00 – Php 2500.00 for a pair. 
Paez shoes are no doubt very comfortable, and with their unique style. Filipinos would love to have a pair like this too. My new travel buddies! 
I would like to thank Ms. Jenice and her staff for accommodating us during our visit. I am just glad Paez is now available here down south. 
Paez Branches

Store Locations: 2/F New WIng, Alabang Town Center 
Rustan’s, Makati and Alabang (Young Adults section). 

Facebook Page: PAEZ SHOES PH 

PAEZ Website: http://www.paez.com/

Instagram/ Twitter: @PaezPH 
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