/Edradour – A Tour at Scotland’s Smallest Distillery

Edradour – A Tour at Scotland’s Smallest Distillery

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A better way to enjoy your tour through Scotland is to try a Scotch Whiskey – that is why we decided to check Scotland’s smallest distillery, EDRADOUR.

Located in the beautiful town of Pitlochry, Edradour, still stands as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whiskey up to the present. It is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in the picturesque town.

One of our main reasons for visiting Pitlochry was to visit Edradour as one of our party was a whiskey connoisseur and Edradour was one of the few distilleries that allowed visitors access to the complete distillery process.

For those whiskey lovers and those curious how whiskey is made, they offer guided tours through the distillery. To check the rates and schedule: CLICK HERE

While waiting for the tour to start, we enjoyed browsing through their products on sale. It was also an opportunity to sample some of their aged whiskeys.

The place itself was beautiful. It was like you are walking in a dream since everything was so green and beautifully landscaped.

Compared to other distilleries, Edradour is smaller but it felt more exclusive. You have this feeling that their whiskeys are the best and reserved only for the exclusive few as they only produce very little.

Since we arrived early, we had the opportunity to roam around and get to enjoy the beautiful landscaped area.


I always asked myself if I was dreaming or not because I only see images like these in books or the internet. The place is stunning! The fresh highland water is a great contributor to the taste and quality of the whiskey.

A great place to relax before and after your tour in Edradour was their Tasting Bar.


They have a vast varieties of whiskeys to choose from. I had to try one! This was just perfect to warm up after the chilly Scottish weather. I could not wait to try one to warm me up. The lady at the bar explained how just a drop of water can alter the flavor of the whiskey. She told me to sip it pure and then when she added water to it, there was such a difference in flavor.

Time to start our guided tour and I was still raving how lovely the place is.


To officially start our tour, Edradour welcomed us by giving us yet another sample of 12 year old Single Malt Whiskey. Perfect!

I wish I could have more but one tot was enough.

This is where they kept their whiskey that is undergoing maturation. I could imagine the value of each one.

The guide was very knowledgeable and always entertained our questions. Whiskey undergoes a process of malting, fermenting, distillation and maturation. We cant believe the process it went through just to create a whiskey.

Malting the barley.

Mashing is taking place here where its mixed with warm water from a natural source and added to other stuff like yeast which causes fermentation to form alcohol.

Fermenting is taking place on the right and the distillation is taking place on the left where alcohol vapor rises and the liquid ends up as pure distilled spirit.

After the distillation, spirits come out and begin the maturation process. The stills or these long necked copper pipes are believed to extract impurities from the spirits during the distillation process.

The tour at Edradour really was a great experience and it made me appreciate Scottish whiskey more.  Before you leave the distillery, you have to take something home with you as there’s no place like this elsewhere.



Great tour, awesome distillery, amazing whiskeys, stunning place, and a great memorable experience! All that at EDRADOUR DISTILLERY! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  www.edradour.com



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