/Running Back in History at the Quezon Marathon 2013

Running Back in History at the Quezon Marathon 2013

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This was a much awaited event for me since this was my first full marathon. I was really excited to attend this event since apart from running, I also want to visit and explore Tayabas, Quezon. 
Last 22nd of September, Quezon Marathon was held. I went with my friends Ver, Kris and Glenn the day before the event to give us time to rest and tour. It was overcast the whole time and was told that there was a storm coming. 
Tayabas, Quezon was a very historical place and
 it can be seen just by walking around town. 

At that night we roamed around town and we were bedazzled by the lights and sounds of this very festive town of Tayabas. 
It was also a privileged to be able to visit this Church of Tayabas. It even looked beautiful even at night. 

Aside from Pancit Hab Hab and their longganisa. Rodillas Yema Cake is a must try. It’s was really delicious and highly addictive. You can only find the best here at Tayabas. 
Let’s not ignore that we also came here to participate in the Quezon Marathon. Stayed at MI CASA EN TAYABAS since it was the closest and I liked the vintage atmosphere of the place. 
Lobby of Mi Casa En Tayabas
Woke up early morning for the event. So many participated at this event and lots coming from Manila and nearby provinces.
With Master Victor Ting. 
Finally met the master. He was also a well adored person
 and an inspiration by many. 
Staff and organizers of the Quezon Marathon.
Few minutes before race. 
With Sir Sepjo and Sir Drew.
There were lots of uphill and downhill all through out and what made it hard for me was we ran in the rain the entire race. But that didn’t stop me from appreciating the beautiful  sceneries of the route. People were also very friendly.  It was also nice to meet fellow runners greeting and cheering one another during the entire race. It was a great atmosphere. 
Finally reached the half way mark. Need to run for another 21km. 
We were also able to run on this historical Malagonlong Bridge.
 I felt like I was running back in time.

Finished the run in 7 hours something. My first full marathon was wet and hard but I still had LOTS OF FUN! I Thank God that I did finished it only with a swollen foot and an achy shin. Hahaha! 
Still proud of myself! Congratulations to all the finishers!
I really want to thank the people who supported along the way and  to the province of Tayabas for organizing this event. Will definitely be joining here again! 
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