/My 34km Caliraya 360 Experience

My 34km Caliraya 360 Experience

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Held last September 15, 2013, out of the blue I was encouraged to  join the CALIRAYA 360 run for 34km.
It was an exciting run for me since this will be my first time to run 34km. More uphell and downhell is expected in this route for sure. We arrived the evening before the event and decided to rent a small room where we could leave our bags and get some sleep.

Messy but ready. 😉
Woke up as early 2 am and gathered at this plaza.
Took some photos before the start of the race. There were lots of participants at this event.  I guess location and the scenery of the route are just some of the factors.


Arrived at Cavinti. The nice cool breeze in the morning gave us a boost to keep running.
I miss visiting places like these. You have this rural feel to the area which I like a lot.



We also passed some nice churches along the way.


We were also welcomed by some armed troops. We felt very secured during the entire race.
We were hoping will go down to this park and cool off in the middle of our run. All we could do was to stop and took lots of photos. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.. haha!



Just beautiful!


One thing I enjoyed here was meeting the locals specially the kids. They were very hospitable and supportive. They love giving high fives to all the runners that passed them.




During this race, there were fights and riots hapening in Zamboanga. That’s why this run was dedicated to them!



We also passed Caliraya lake.


Finally reached the finish line. Time was not impressive but that’s not what i’m after. I just to want finish the race and Thank God I did!




Time to celebrate and congratulations to all the finishers!!! This run was also in preparation for my first full marathon coming up.



Running with a purpose.


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