/Walking Tour through the Colleges of Cambridge University

Walking Tour through the Colleges of Cambridge University

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A very famous university, not just in the United Kingdom, but throughout the academic world is Cambridge University. Being one of the oldest universities in the world, 
their excellence in academics is also top notch. 

I was so happy that visiting this university was part of our itinerary. Though we had a very limited time, it didn’t stop us quickly touring Cambridge University. 
When we traveled around the UK, we basically relied on GPS (Google Navigation) on our mobile phones to get around . It really helped us a lot in looking for the right directions and minimized our getting lost as driving around was completely different from the Philippines. 

As always, we stayed at Travelodge. A very clean and comfortable hotel and perfect for budget conscious travelers. 
We finally arrived at the famous university town and my first reaction was WOW! 
From these pictures I took, You can tell that this university is so rich in history. I just could not wait to explore further! 
Punting is a very popular activity to get a better view of Cambridge University from the River Cam.  
They are so famous that they sometimes run out of Punts.
This place is beautiful and taking pictures is not enough to
 express how beautiful it is. 
How I wish we tried punting, but since we had limited time, we could only look, stare and appreciate this scenic university. 
Going around the university, bikes are commonly used by students. You see bikes around parked on the sides. And for me that was so good. No fumes, no blowing of horns and you get to enjoy the place more. 
Walking along the streets was like walking in the past. It was gorgeous! 
Structures were amazing, from the tiny details of the buildings. Each buildings feels like they all have stories to tell. 
How I wish, we could adapt this bike tradition inside the big campuses in the Philippines. It would be great and would help our environment a lot. 
Cambridge University is composed of different colleges 
depending on the courses. 
I could live here! 🙂
 Walking around the university, we were so overwhelmed by all of the things we saw in such a short span of time. 
At the center of the town, we saw a street bazaar. I love bazaars so we quickly checked what there was to see. 
Shops and cafes also surround the university. I could imagine how active this place was during the evenings. 
One college was King’s College. They normally allowed visitors to come in but since they had an activity only students were allowed during that time. So I just stood outside and took a picture. 
How I wished we could have stay longer as I know that there is more to see at Cambridge University. 
Now I know why this place is one of the most favorite 
places to visit in United Kingdom. 
To get more information, check their tourism website:

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