/CAMIGUIN ISLAND – Things to Do and See on The Island

CAMIGUIN ISLAND – Things to Do and See on The Island

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After two nights in the ship and a two hour road trip, I finally reached the Enchanting Island of Camiguin. This will be my first time to explore the Island by myself and try to visit other places that I haven’t visited before. I arrived at CDO at around 8:00 and arrived in Camiguin at around 2:00 pm.

Since our reunion is still 2 days away, I decided to stay in Mambajao. Mambajao is the capital of Camiguin. Here, I stayed at GV Hotel since it’s right in the center of town and the price per room per night is very affordable.
The difference between the fan and non-aircon wasn’t that much so I took the air-con room. The accommodation is very basic. But, for that price per night – I couldn’t ask for more.
Since I had plenty of time in Mambajao, this was the time for me to explore the town itself. Walking around this town was so interesting. Coming from Manila, the place was so different. People were very relaxed, no signs of rushing and all were very friendly.
I’ve been craving for PASTEL bread for a long time. It is a type of bread with custard filling that is so delicious and people rave about it. One pastel costs around 12 pesos.
I bought 4 to start with. 😉
I was also feeling hungry that day so walked around town again and found Perry’s Pizza.I really like the place and their pizza was delicious . It cost around Php 200 – Php 300.00+ for a pizza.
Perry Pizza Looks yummy! And yes, I finished it all! haha!
Since you are already in town, the Mambajao Church is not far away and worth the visit. Would be nice to thank God for all the blessings and grateful to be on a beautiful island.
I only have one night in the town of Mambajao. After the Camiguin trip, I will be going to visit Alona, Panglao, Bohol.
Ocean Jet is the only fast jet that goes to Bohol from Camiguin. Actually it starts from CDO to Camiguin and then to Jagna, Bohol.
The only place to get it in Mambajao aside from the Benoni Port is to go to Villa Paraiso Resort and Apartelle. To get there, just take a Habal-Habal (Motorbike). The fare is not that much to get to the place. Better to sort out your ticket early to avoid any hassle in the future.
love tennis so I approached the trainer and asked if he could play tennis with me just for an hour. It was such a nice game and I really had a great time! Paid 150.00 for the trainer, court and racket! Plus gave Php 50.00 for the ball boy.
Right next to the tennis court and few steps away from GV Hotel, I found this small eatery. They also have a lodging house on top. What I like about this place was that, they have WIFI! Nowadays, being connected is so important.
Had pancit for Php 15.00 and healthy coffee for Php 20.00. It was delicious so I had two! Then, my tummy was happy!
Time for me to check out from GV Hotel and time to move on to a different location. Been many times to Camiguin, but really haven’t reach White Island. So looked around the Bug-Ong area since it’s close to where White Island is and stayed at Jasmine By The Sea. I heard so many good things about this place while I was still searching for accommodation and for Php 500.00 per night? That’s not bad at all!
The room was clean and spacious and most of all, you have your own toilet and bath and your own veranda. WiFi is also available.
Front view of Jasmin By the Sea.
I came on this side of the island for one reason and that is to step on the White Island. It’s was cloudy all day but good thing it was not raining. But overcast conditions, didn’t stop me from going to the island. Hired a Bangka (Boat) for Php 500.00 . I think it’s the standard price to get to White Island.
I was so excited as I’m getting close to the island. It’s so white and the water was so clear.
Because of the influx of tourist on the island. Few store huts opened there. I was also lucky to get to the island with only few people there – maybe due to the weather.
Having less people there made me enjoy the island more. Walked from both ends of the island on my own and thought of myself to be how lucky I am to be here.
Waters so clear that even in cloudy skies, I could still take clear pictures underwater.
Fishing is very common in Camiguin.
Wanna dare yourself and try a raw sea urchin for Php 20.00? Maybe next time for me!
Back at Jasmin By The Sea and I was starving. There was a chicken place along the road outside Jasmine By The Sea and its called CHIKENINI. Please don’t ask me why it’s named like that. But one thing for sure, I loved their Grilled Chicken!!!
It’s quite famous for locals as people are stopping by and buying from them.
I decided to eat next to the road. I enjoyed it a lot!
P.S. Please make sure to put on an Insect Repellant at all times.
Was very thankful to have met these people who own and manage the place. Sometimes, it’s not just the place that makes your trip memorable. It’s also the people you meet along the way.
Bid farewell to Jasmin By The Sea, and now time to go to Mahinog area, where our family reunion is going to take place.
I stayed at Algen’s Dive Resort 2 years ago and I really enjoyed my stay here ever since. The rooms were very clean and the staff were also very friendly. They also have free brewed coffee available to their guests and of course WIFI!
I loved how the resort is covered with trees! Just beautiful! Their fan room is Php 1000.00 per night and Aircon Room is Php 1500.00 per night. They are all inclusive of breakfast.
Not far away from where we staying is a MACAO COLD SPRING. What’s nice about this place is that it’s free! The cold spring water here was so refreshing. Just what we needed during the hot and humid weather.
They made it like a pool which is so nice. Just be careful if you are not a good swimmer.
The water is so clear, clean and cold. I don’t think I can stay for long. If you are wearing goggles, you will find fish in the water too.
My Only Comment:
Macao Cold Spring is a great place to visit and cool down and it’s free! My only comment is that the amount of people drinking on the side of the pool and also people drinking where the spring is coming out and putting their drinks on the water. I didnt find it nice to look at. We have children with us that time and to see something like that is not nice. I think a little bit of organization is needed. There was a sign that it’s a smoke free place but how come we saw so many people smoking and throwing cigarette butts all over. I think they should also clean the place once in a while because we saw so many shampoo sachets around. Please let’s be responsible in taking care of our nature. I love and care for The Island of Camiguin!
On our last day, there is no way of missing this island. It’s called Mantigue Island. An Island sanctuary and for me one of the most beautiful island i’ve seen.
There are cottages and nipa huts available for everyone.
How I wish I could stay or camp here for few days.
Some of the huts for guests to use. This is truly paradise!
Mantigue Island, is an Island sanctuary so make sure you have snorkels and flippers
with you so you can check out the beauty of the island underwater.
A small community exists in the island.
This is their church.
Whoever lives here… They are so lucky!!!
Water so pristine, it makes the boat float.
Day has come for me to say good bye and move on to my Bohol trip. But one thing is for sure, I WILL COME AGAIN (Camiguin)! Don’t they sound the same?
Bringing home Pastel Breads to your love ones is surely a great pasalubong or gifts that you can bring from the Island.
Benoni Port Station. This port is newly built and soon it will fully operational. I think they are also extending the port area as there was some construction going on.


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